Tuesday, January 2, 2018

As Riots In Iran Threaten To Topple The Theocracy, Many Are Starting To Ask If Trump Is Behind Regime Change

NTEB is not saying that President Trump is trying to overthrow the government of Iran, per se. But what we are saying is that if the organic desire of the Iranian people for freedom happened to meet with a "facilitation team" comprised of players from Israel, Saudi Arabia and the United States, that could very well be the catalyst for required for regime change inside Iran.

President Trump had an excellent meeting in Saudi Arabia, could it be possible that regime change in Iran was on the menu?

The protests in Iran started with a trickle a little less than a week ago, and now in the new year tens of thousands are marching in the streets and over 20 people have been killed, with scores more wounded. Click to see explosive video from deep inside Iran that shows what is really going on.
The slogans must have unsettled the mullahs:Death to Khamenei!” “Death to Rouhani!” “We will die to get our Iran back!” Imperialism has not revived the regime’s legitimacy, as the protesting Persians pointedly reject expending their meager resources on Arab wars: “Death to Hezbollah!” “No to Gaza, not Lebanon! Our life only for Iran!”
Is this an organic movement of the Iranian people who desire to be free, or something that has a little “help” to get the fire started? Perhaps someone who warned Iran that “the world is watching” at the outset?

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