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Exciting Film coming in 2015 from ADULLAM FILMS, and Christian J. Pinto.

For the past five years, our ministry has been involved in developing a new documentary about the mysterious monument known as The Georgia Guidestones.

The monument was built in 1980 in the town of Elberton, Georgia and had been commissioned by a mysterious stranger who called himself “R.C. Christian.”  He admitted that the name was a pseudonym and that he wanted to remain anonymous.  Mr. Christian claimed to represent a concerned group of Americans who wanted to do something beneficial for mankind.  They believed that the message of these Guidestones would be of great value in generations to come.  Others, however, are not so convinced.
The monument itself contains what are sometimes called “the Ten Commandments of the New Age” or “the Ten Commandments of the Antichrist.”  Its first command or guide is to maintain a world population at or below 500 million people.  As a result, countless critics have speculated that what the monument is really calling for is nothing short of global genocide – the killing of most of the world’s population.  Can this be the case?  With the Bible predicting that blood will be shed “even unto the horse bridles” (Revelation 14:20) -- is it possible that the stones foreshadow the coming of Armageddon?
In our research, we have obtained never-before-seen interviews with the key witnesses who actually worked on the monument, or who knew those responsible for the work.  These witnesses include Mr. Wyatt Martin, the banker who handled the finances for the project.  Martin is the only living man who knows the true identity of the mysterious R.C. Christian, and has vowed to take the information to his grave.  But is it possible that the stranger’s identity might be revealed by some other means?  Could the mystery of R.C. Christian finally be revealed?  Find out, when we release this powerful new film in the coming months!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Two informative and important Bible Documentaries from ADULLAM FILMS, not to be missed are:
The Battle for the Pure Word of God continues today...

**Both of these documentaries are now on YOU TUBE, and we thank ADULLAM FILMS and Christian J. Pinto for the ongoing and untiring work to inform God's people about the Truth of Bible Translations.
The sequel to these films called BRIDGE TO BABYLON is coming soon and will be available from ADULLAM FILMS.

.Link to A LAMP IN THE DARK- Here....


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The Jesuits: Men of a Thousand Faces.

Few Christians know about this wicked order of men. They are in fact, the Vatican's Military Order, or "Foot Soldiers." They are involved in and indeed hold some of the highest offices in countries all over the world.

Concerning the Jesuit Order
          "My history of the Jesuits is not eloquently written, but it is supported by unquestionable authorities, [and] is very particular and very horrible.  Their [the Jesuit Order’s] restoration [in 1814 by Pope Pius VII] is indeed a step toward darkness, cruelty, despotism,  [and] death. I do not like the appearance of the Jesuits.  If ever there was a body of men who merited eternal damnation on earth and in hell, it is this Society of [Ignatius de] Loyola."

Quote by:John Adams (1735-1826; 2nd President of the United States)


The Jesuits create and control the problem and know exactly how to manipulate and guide the solution to implement their New World Order featuring radical Collectivism that crushes any kind of Individualism.”

***"See my lord,— from this room I govern not only Paris but China; not only China, but the whole world, without any one knowing how ‘tis managed. 
 (Michelangelo Tamburini, 1720 AD
14th Jesuit Superior General (1706-1730 AD)  
Speaking to the Duke of Brancas
History of the Jesuits Vol. 1, p. 107
Andrew Steinmetz, 1848 AD)

**The book, WASHINGTON IN THE LAP OF ROME, is available from ADULLAM FILMS, as well as the C.D.s shown here:


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And yet they call it -
THE "REFORMATION" HERITAGE STUDY BIBLE(?) Listen to Pastor Ralph Ovadal's Sermon "THE CHURCH'S ONLY ROCK." Here:

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More on The Reformation Heritage KJV Study Bible Map Section endorses the liberal interpretation of the crossing of the Red Sea
Posted 1 April, 2015.
Great care ever needs to be taken, by Bible believing Christians, with respect to which Bible maps and atlases they employ or purchase. No where is that care more necessary than employing, or purchasing, maps which show the crossing of the Red Sea by the Israelites, when they came out of Egypt, on the night of the Passover. 

Sadly, it has long been the case that most of the Bible maps and atlases in circulation today give credence to a liberal interpretation of the supernatural details of the Bible. One subsequent assertion is that the Israelites didn't really cross the Red Sea when they came out of Egypt.
Simple Test
When purchasing a new Bible, if it contains any maps, or if I am looking to purchase a Bible atlas, this is one of the first places I turn up to see what sort of map the publishers have included for Israel's journey out of Egypt and across the Red Sea to Mount Sinai. I have long thought that to be a basic, elementary point to check out when purchasing a Bible with maps or buying a Bible atlas! 

I have to admit that I subsequently tend to judge the worth of the rest of any publication by the type of map it includes for the crossing of the Red Sea. Does it subscribe to the orthodox, conservative, evangelical position and show Israel really and truly crossing the Red Sea? Or does it subscribe to the liberal, compromising position and include a map which does not? In my mind the type of map included with respect to this issue indicates a particular mindset for the whole publication. If publishers can't get this important issue right in a Bible or atlas, what else are they wrong on in the rest of the publication?

When instinctively doing this basic test on 'The Reformation Heritage KJV Study Bible' I discovered that it contained a map, which is in line with the liberal interpretation of Scripture. 

This is another most unfortunate inclusion, in The Reformation Heritage KJV Study Bible!

That this Study Bible, of all Study Bibles, should include a map detailing Israel's 'Exodus out of Egypt', which doesn't show Israel crossing the Red Sea is hard to fathom. After all, it is supposed to have been put together by Reformed experts!

Visualize the location
In the introduction to the Study Bible on pages ix and x the reader is informed: A map section at the end will help you to visualize the location of various events described in the Bible.

Well, if we take the editors, of the Study Bible, at their word, then we must visualise Israel never crossing the Red Sea at all. We must visualise an Exodus from Egypt that doesn't include one of the most significant miracles found in the Old Testament.

Repeatedly in the Old Testament we find God taking Israel back to the events of the Red Sea and reminding them of His mighty power. This is the greatest miracle in the Old Testament! Yet in visualising this event in this Study Bible, it never happened. This is alarming!!!!!

Sadly, most modern Bible maps and atlases, in giving credence to the liberal interpretation of the Bible, show Israel crossing over one of the lakes to the north of what is known today as the Gulf of Suez, within the Red Sea. The liberal interpretation posits the idea in people's mind that it was actually a 'Reed Sea' that Israel crossed instead of the 'Red Sea'.

Bible maps and atlases have long been notorious for getting this vital issue wrong. This liberal mapping of the Exodus is very common and all too prevalent. Sadly, it is the standard practice for the vast majority of modern Bibles and Bible atlases.

Therefore, did anyone consider this map's suitability before it was inserted and endorsed by those involved in the production of this 'Reformation Heritage KJV Study Bible'?

Surely you would expect editors and publishers, of a Bible, that claims to be Reformed and orthodox, in its interpretation of Scripture, to make sure that the one Bible map which is so controversial would be checked for accuracy. It would surely be expected that this is something to look out for in editing any Study Bible. A basic and necessary task you would think!

It surely begs a few questions! Who originally compiled this map? Who decided to include it in the Study Bible? Did the editors miss this or did they decide to leave it in? Are they happy with its inclusion? Will it be removed in future editions?
Stranger still
Strangely, the map, in 'The Reformation Heritage KJV Study Bible', doesn't show Israel crossing any part of the Red Sea at all! The map plots the journey out of Egypt with a reddish line. However, nowhere does it seem that the journey took Israel through water of any sort, never mind through the depths of the Red Sea. Bad enough not to show the Israelites going through the Red Sea as we know it; worse still to show an Exodus with no crossing of any water at all.

This is the worst of all maps that could be included in any Bible for the Exodus, never mind 'The  Reformation Heritage KJV Study Bible'. The inclusion of this map is again seriously disappointing at best. Especially when this is a known point of long debate between orthodox and liberal theologians. Surely editors could have been expected to get such an important issue right? Especially when this type of corrupt mapping is so common place in Bible maps and atlases.
Easily Proven
It is easily proven that the Israelites didn't go through a marshy, reed swamp in a northern lake. One Bible reference will suffice. In 1 Kings 9:26-29 we read of Solomon's navy: And king Solomon made a navy of ships in Eziongeber, which is beside Eloth, on the shore of the Red sea, in the land of Edom. And Hiram sent in the navy his servants, shipmen that had knowledge of the sea, with the servants of Solomon. And they came to Ophir, and fetched from thence gold, four hundred and twenty talents, and brought it to king Solomon.

This navy was made up of, among others, servants of Hiram who were "shipmen that had knowledge of the sea". These men would not have been needed if the Red Sea in question was a marshy swamp, and Solomon's navy were going to sail around the shores of a smallish lake. Rather, these ships were to be launched out into the salt water of the Red Sea and navigate out into the Persian Gulf and the Arabian Sea, going as far away as Ophir, and bringing Solomon back great riches.
What's the Agenda?
These issues make you wonder whether someone is working to another agenda in this Study Bible. Thus far we have anti-Protestant notes that suggest Peter is the rock upon which the Church is built; we have a footnote that, as it presently stands, teaches the Roman Catholic doctrine of Justification and now we have a map that endorses the liberal interpretation of the Exodus. Could it get any worse?

And still there is more …

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Editorial from FAITH & FREEDOM MAGAZINE, April/May 2015, (Errol D. Stone, Ed.)
Used by permission.

The Perversion of Versions
In his foreword to the book “Beyond Versions”, A Biblical Perspective
of Modern English Bibles, written by Dr SH Tow, Rev. Dr. Timothy
Tow said, “This treatise is on the battle between the King James Bible
and the hundred other versions of the English Bible. The KJB is translated
from the age-old preserved text, the traditional Textus Receptus,
by devout scholars most faithful and true. It has reigned supreme for
300 years until challenged by Wescott and Hort from 1817 which resulted
in its revision in 1881. This opened the floodgate for one hundred
other versions each claiming to be God’s faithful word.”

“For we can do nothing against the truth, but for the truth.” (2 Cor. 13:8)

The preface says, ”God’s Word is under attack, today as never before,
“Yea, hath God said?” was Satan’s declaration of war against the
Word from the beginning. Sowing doubt and fostering unbelief in his
subtle tactic.” It also says, “In time, burning of martyrs fell out of
fashion: suppression was replaced with subversion. “The pure Word
of God must be replaced by doctored versions!” 

The first, the ERV(English Revised Version, 1881) breached the dike of Holy Scripture,
and 100 Modern English Versions poured through the floodgate of
Revisionism. Feeding Christians with corrupted ecumenical versions
is more effective than feeding them to the flames in the years following,
Rome’s ecumenical strategy more than proved its worth.”

Out of the 16th century Reformation came a proper understanding of
the doctrine of Justification with Sola Scriptura (Scripture alone);
Sola Fide (Faith alone); Sola Gratia (Grace alone); Sola Christos
(Christ alone). The greatest translation was described as follows”
“God’s deliverance of England out of 1000 years of Roman darkness
and superstition was sealed with the greatest translation of history,
the King James Bible. Without this, “more sure word of prophecy”
(2 Peter 1:19), the accurate and dependable Word of God in the
English language, the Reformation in England could not have withstood
the forces of the Counter Reformation. The King James Bible
stood as a bulwark of the Protestant faith, a banner “that it may be
displayed because of the truth” (Psalm 60:4).

John Wycliffe (1324-1384) described as the “Morning Star of the Reformation”
translated from the Latin Vulgate and gave his people their
first English Bible. Although God saved Wycliffe from being burnt at
the stake, they dug up his bones and burned them 44 years later. Many
Lollard preachers who continued, fell into the hands of the Roman
Church and were burnt at the stakes with Wycliffe Bibles hung round
their necks, for “They love not their lives unto death” (Rev. 12:11).

William Tyndale (1494-1536) a master linguist of Oxford and Cambridge
gave the people their first Bible translated from the original languages.
This was the forerunner to the King James Bible (1611). William
Tyndale was strangled and burnt at the stake near Brussels in 1536
for defying the Roman power and translating God’s Word into English.

John Rogers (1500-1555) whose pen name was Thomas Matthew,
continued the unfinished works of the Old Testament which he completed
in 1537 calling it the Matthew’s Bible. John Rogers was also
arrested and condemned to be burned by the Roman authorities.
Although not exhaustive, the following are some examples of corruptions
as declared by “Beyond Versions”:

The Good News Bible (GNB) presents another Christ, not the
Christ of the Bible, the only begotten of the Father, the Virgin – born
Son of God, God manifest in the flesh, the Second Person of the
Trinity. The GNB eliminates the vital doctrine of redemption
through the Blood of the Lamb, to present a bloodless and false gospel.
The GNB is a corrupt version.

The New American Standard Version (NASV) entertains serious
doubts about our Lord’s Divine Sonship of God, His incarnation and
Lordship, His Divine Goodness and His bodily resurrection. The
NASV attacks the doctrine that salvation is exclusive to Christ alone,
consequently the NASV is a corrupt version.

 The New English Bible (NEB) presents Jesus Christ as being born of
natural human parents, not the eternal only begotten Son of God. The
NEB attacks the Atonement and Redemption through the precious Blood
of Christ the Lamb of God. Consequently the NEB is a corrupt version.

The New International Version (NIV) claims to be the most exact,
illuminating rendering of the original language into English. The ecumenical
composition of the translators which included Protestant, Roman
Catholic, Jewish Atheistic scholars, predetermined an ecumenical
agenda for the translation process. As a result it firstly presented a humanised
Jesus born of natural parents, secondly presented Jesus as one
Saviour among many and thirdly a heaven open to all, Christians and
others. Consequently the NIV is a doctrinally corrupt version.

The New King James Version (NKJV) is described as a masterpiece
of deception, a counterfeit of the original King James Bible, the authentic Word of God, the Authorised Version. It is described as a version with a pro-gay and a pro-Roman Catholic bias.
This version was reviewed, leaving no doubt about its evil nature. Consequently
the NKJV used by neo-evangelicals is a corrupt version.

The Revised Standard Version (RSV) contains malicious tempering
of Scripture aimed at the Person and Work of our Lord Jesus
Christ. It was concluded that the RSV presents another Jesus, not the
Christ of the Scripture, the only begotten of the Father, the Virgin
born Son of God, God manifest in the flesh, the Second Person of the
Trinity. The RSV attacks the vital doctrine of redemption through the
Blood of Christ. Consequently the RSV is a corrupt version.

The English Standard Version (ESV) is built upon the corrupt
version RSV and claims it should have been
correctly named The English SUBStandard Version.

The Living Bible (TLB) after giving numerous examples of corruption,
is declared as vulgar and inaccurate and in doctrinal matters
attacks Christ as God and Creator. Consequently the TLB is described
as a corrupt version.
"Beyond Versions", described Wescott and Hort as servants of
Satan and Doctors of deceit, who by the evil genius of textual criticism
overthrew the traditional Received Text (TR) from its undisputed
1500 year supremacy and replaced it with a doctored Greek
Text which, seated in the chair of authority, became the basis of
modern editions of the Greek New Testament in use today. They
received enormous corruption from the Codex Vaticanus and caps
on Sinaiticus, two of the worst corruptions ever discovered.

When the Queen James Bible came out in December 2012 an article
from posted an article titled “Queen James Bible:
Homosexuals Pervert The Scriptures” saying a new perversion is out.
The promoters declared that the version seeks to resolve interpretive
ambiguity and that “Homosexuality was first mentioned in the Bible in
1946, in the Revised Standard Version. There is no mention of or reference
to homosexuality in any Bible prior to this - only interpretations
have been made.” Some of the verses regarding the issue are:
Lev.18:22; Lev.20:13; Rom.1:24-27; 1 Cor. 6:9-10; 1 Tim. 1:10.

Now The End Begins News Desk

posted the article, “New Bible Versions
Remove “Father” And “Son Of God” because it offends Muslims on 10 February
2015. They claimed that some mainline Christian organisations are
changing their Holy Scripture to avoid offence and that not only does this
violate the Scripture, but also defeats the purpose of the mission (John 17:17).
In his lectures on “Sign Miracles and the Church,” Dr John Whitcomb
declared that theoretically if God gave a new revelation after the completion
of His Perfect Word it would be a colossal blow to the church, as it
would render the Bible as incomplete and out of date. Therefore if someone
says that Jesus spoke to them, even through a dream it would make
them unscriptural and dangerous. As a result people that claim genuine
miraculous healings, either on TV or on a platform are deceived. Consequently
there are no genuine Divine Miracle Workers or genuine Faith
Healers today without the eisegetical perversion of versions.

"If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book: And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book." Rev. 22:18-19.

(Courtesy of Israel Report)

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