Monday, October 2, 2017

Drawing Aside the Purple Curtain
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The 500th Anniversary of the Reformation (Part One)
The Reformation’s Accomplishments and Errors, and the End of Its Protest

by Shaun Willcock  (See ARTICLES, on top right-hand of Web site)

Dear friends

The 31st October 2017 marks the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation.  On this day in 1517, an obscure German monk named Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses to the castle door in Wittenberg, Germany – and sparked a spiritual, political and social revolution which shook the world.  Within weeks the theses had been widely circulated throughout the country and then throughout Europe.  Prophesied of in Scripture (Rev. 10), the Reformation was an event which literally altered the course of history and changed the world. 
It is not surprising that its 500th anniversary would be observed by Protestant institutions the world over.  But the tragedy is that what should be commemorated as the time when, in the Lord’s providence, a massive break was made with the diabolical Roman Papacy, is in fact being commemorated, by many of the historic Protestant institutions, as the time when that very break is being mended!  When it should be being commemorated by reminding people of the false doctrines and abominable practices of the Papal system, of why the Reformation occurred, and of the great need to remain forever separate from that iniquitous, idolatrous and utterly antichristian religious system with its headquarters in Rome, many of the Protestant institutions are doing the very opposite.  They are actually lamenting the break which occurred; calling it a great tragedy; wishing it had never happened; and doing all in their power to rush back under the wings of “Mother Rome” as fast as their spineless, biblically ignorant leaders will take them!
We are witnesses to the most momentous religious  reversal in all history: the headlong rush by the “Protestant” institutions to now apologise to Rome for ever breaking away, and to grovel at the feet of the Roman Antichrist.

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