Friday, May 4, 2018

ISIS recruiter’s wife found guilty of refusing to stand for a judge in court

THE wife of a terrorist recruiter has given the IS salute after becoming the first person in NSW to be found guilty of refusing to stand for a judge in court. 
 REALLY AUSTRALIA? What do you expect? You have a "two-tiered" law system! Just let some Auzzie try this!
Contempt of court - JAIL!

Elzahed, who’s married to jailed IS extremist Hamdi Alqudsi, was found guilty of nine counts of disrespectful behaviour in court.
Friday’s stand-off came to a head when the magistrate returned to the bench and ordered Elzahed to leave her seat at the back of the courtroom and approach the bar table.
“Remain standing — you remain standing when I speak to you,” Ms Huntsman said. The magistrate found Elzahed had repeatedly and intentionally flouted the established court convention in 2016 when she failed to rise for District Court Judge Audrey Balla. FULL STORY HERE:

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