Friday, November 10, 2017


 Scotland Unveils Plans to Allow Children to Legally ‘Change Gender

The Scottish government has been warned that plans to let children legally ‘change gender’ amount to “state-sponsored child abuse”.

The proposal was among a raft of reforms to the “out-of-date” UK Gender Recognition Act 2004 unveiled by Equalities secretary Angela Constance on Thursday, including giving legal recognition for ‘non-binary’ people  — individuals who claim they ‘identify’ as neither male nor female.
Ms. Constance said: “Scotland rightly has a reputation as one of the most progressive countries in relation to LGBTI legal and human rights equality in Europe  — but we need to do more to progress equality for trans people.”
For Scots who want to change gender, ministers want to replace the “intrusive and onerous” current rules  — which see applicants required to provide a medical diagnosis, and to have lived as their chosen gender for two years  — with a ‘self-declaration’ system.ARTICLE HERE:

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